May I have some question
Cold or Hot Plate only necessary if you are only to transport above 4~5 hours ; The boxes can maintain the temperature basically 3~4 hours only dropping <1 degree if you open the lid frequently then it will loss temperature
Need to transport a lot in a small space? No problem with the KÄNGABOX® as the intelligent stacking system guarantees space-saving and safe transport. The base and lid are perfectly co-ordinated to prevent boxes from sliding.
KANGABOX is a revolutionary new high density EPP series of containers in which hot or cold items can be transported with an average temperature loss of less than 1°C plus or minus per hour within a temperature range of -40°C to +120°C.
It is possible to store Product for longer Hours without opening the LID, we have clients transport Frozen Pie from Sydney to Manila no issues arrived frozen without using cold packs/plate
It is postion on the Box where you can make sticker to lable the box if necessary
As attached photo of GN Pan usually uses for banquet Kitchen, catering company, takeaway shops to hold foods & vegetable. Our Boxes sizes for Top & Front load are design for this dimension
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